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Buy Automatic Curtains with rail cortina riel GUIA 80x40 at Factory Prices

Buy Automatic Curtains with rail cortina riel GUIA 80x40 at Factory Prices
Buy Automatic Curtains with rail cortina riel GUIA 80x40 at Factory Prices
Buy Automatic Curtains with rail cortina riel GUIA 80x40 at Factory Prices
Buy Automatic Curtains with rail cortina riel GUIA 80x40 at Factory Prices


Buy Automatic Curtains with rail cortina riel GUIA 80x40 at Factory Prices
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Curtain Opening models

There are 3 main models for opening curtains when using electric curtain rods:
a) Opening from the drive
b) Opening to the drive
c) Opening from the center
In the case of opening options b) and c), the drive is draped with a full turn of the fabric around it with fixation on two plastic hooks (one is mounted on the front, the other on the back of the drive plug).
In addition to the main models, it is possible to order an electric curtain rod for curtains of one of two special models:
a) Opening from the center with an offset. In this case, the wider canvas does not open completely, and the stroke of both carriages is always the same and equal to the stroke of the carriage of the narrower canvas.
b) Opening from several points. This option is used in the case of closing several window openings with one curtain. To calculate such models, a drawing with dimensions is required.

Management options

The classic design of an electric curtain for windows is a cornice with an electric drive, which is additionally equipped with a control unit (controller, radio module) responsible for controlling the system and a control device.

Any of the options for automatic curtains and the price of the design depends on the configuration of the system and the type of control that can be:

  • Wired, connected to the power grid;
  • Radio control, while for products with a built-in rechargeable battery, only a temporary connection to a 230V outlet is required for charging.

Modern curtains with electric drive and remote control are functional, and allow you to connect additional automation – light and temperature sensors, timers that provide more accurate adjustment of the light level, and the ability to program the opening/closing modes of curtain structures. Sensors and timers can be bundled right away or connected optionally.

There may be several options for controlling an automatic curtain with an electric drive:

  • Using the remote control – depending on the number of connected systems, the remote control can be single-channel, responsible for the operation of one curtain or one group of curtains at the same time, or multi-channel, which provides operation from 4 to 14 structures (groups) separately or simultaneously.
  • By means of a button (switch) – a stationary switch that is installed in any place convenient for the user.
  • According to the programmed scenario – when the system is equipped with sensors and a timer, the system will close/open the curtains at a certain time or according to the weather without the user's participation.
  • With the help of digital devices, the system is controlled through an application installed on a smartphone or tablet, it is also possible to connect to a common smart home system.

Where electric and remote controlled curtains are used

Modern curtains with electric drive and remote control are ideal:

  • When designing panoramic or bay windows;
  • When installing cornices on high ceilings;
  • With difficult access to the window due to furniture or layout features.

Motorized light-shielding structures are convenient for use in rooms with multiple window openings, or can be used to control the process of opening /closing windows in several rooms at the same time.

Comfortable electric curtains on the remote are used:

  • In apartments and country houses;
  • In hotels and hotels;
  • In restaurants;
  • For the design of concert or demonstration halls;
  • In greenhouses and so on.

Today, electric sliding curtains can be found even in such unexpected places as industrial premises that require local insulation, for example, paint chambers.

Advantages of the design

A separate part of consumers, before buying electric curtains, weigh the pros and cons of such structures for a long time, because they are convinced that automatic mechanisms break down quickly and have a short service life. This statement is erroneous. Any motorized light-shielding structure is designed taking into account the maximum possible number of cycles of closing/opening of curtain panels. With proper operation, such systems retain their quality, functionality and accuracy of operation for many years.

Horizontal or automatic sliding curtains have one decisive advantage over classic drapes and curtains – the convenience of remote use. Among other advantages:

  • Practicality and quiet operation;
  • The possibility of fine-tuning to individual needs;
  • Possibility of fastening textiles of any weight, size and structure;
  • With proper operation and regular maintenance, they have a very long service life.

The product will be manufactured after making a payment or a 50% advance payment.

Online payment methods: Bizum, Apple Pay, Mastercard, Visa.

For payments to the bank account of VIP Ventanas SL company: SWIFT, SEPA.

It is possible to make the payment without VAT if the product is delivered outside of Spain.

Delivery is carried out by the company's own transportation or delivery service.

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