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Buy Mosquito net for individual roll-up skylight at Factory Prices

Buy Mosquito net for individual roll-up skylight at Factory Prices


Buy Mosquito net for individual roll-up skylight at Factory Prices
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The mosquito net is compatible with Velux®, Roto®, Toiciel®, Fakro® windows...

Mosquito net in combination with blinds

Internal installation

Made to your size and in France

The Solution Mosquito net for the attic window PergolasVIP

Sealed, it provides ventilation day and night without mosquitoes, wasps and flies and without pollen ;

Regardless of the window and designed exclusively for measurement, it is suitable for all brands, including Velux®, Roto®, Fakro®, Toiciel®... ;

Without technical limitations, it can be combined with blackout blinds or other blinds on dormer windows ;

Aesthetic and durable, this is an environmental comfort equipment that we do not regret;

Optimally, the non-crumbling gray mosquito net is almost invisible; the appearance and luminosity are perfectly preserved;

Ingeniously, the curtain, after being completely lowered, is held by invisible hooks located at the bottom of the 2 guides;

Simplicity, installation and handling of the roll-up mosquito net are carried out safely from the inside.

Consider the window when planning the installation

Case #1: Rotary opening

The installation attached to the wall is the most suitable. Allows you to clean the sash with a full turn, if your window model allows it. A built-in installation on the edge of the doorway is possible, but condemns this manipulation, take this into account when choosing.

Case #2: Planned opening

Since your sash turns exclusively outward, all poses are suitable for you: a wall sconce outside the niche, recessed at the edge of the niche or at the window frame. In your case, the choice is primarily aesthetic.

Case #3: Side opening

As for the projection skylight, all poses are technically compatible and the choice is purely aesthetic.

Our favorite installation of a mosquito net on the attic window: wall mounting. Because daylight is perfectly clear!
Restrictions: everything is installed outside the doorway, so you need a little space around the opening — see the dimensions below. The basement is right under the door? This installation is incompatible, choose a recessed installation.

Commitment to the quality of the LUXE line

This mosquito net for the attic is included in the range of Luxe by AvosDim :

The mosquito net is made of fiberglass coated with PVC, durable and flexible at the same time;

The discreet frame is made of high-quality aluminum;

Brush seals inserted into the guides and handle ensure a perfect seal;

Several colors are available, and the varnishing is perfect and stable;

Damaged canvas? A lost component? All parts can be purchased for you in an emergency;

Long 5-year warranty (excluding canvas) , which can be extended up to 10 years using Serenity Box.

Illustrated installation: applied to an inclined wall

Where to take measurements to order for 3 poses, we develop a special attic mosquito net, based on your height and the width of the doorway. A doorway is an opening lined with boards around your attic window.

Where in the doorway should be measured according to the selected installation?

Mosquito net fixed on the wall: Measurements are made on the outer edges of the doorway - the mosquito net curtain will be larger so as not to block the doorway, 75 mm on top and 33 mm on each side and bottom ;

Mosquito net built into the doorway: exactly in the place where the blinds will be installed - for a rotating opening, it is necessary to give preference to installation on the edge in order to provide an opening ;

The mosquito net is built right into the window: exactly in the place where the blinds will be installed, i.e. in front of the window frame;

And for safety, we measure in several places and keep only the lowest dimensions if there is a discrepancy. Don't subtract any game
After the measurements have been entered into the online configurator, the price is calculated automatically for an immediate offer! There is no possible mistake in choosing a pose, only what is compatible with the type of disclosure is offered :)

Dimensions of aluminum profiles

Protective box

Guides and locking bar (supplied with wall mounting)

Pose in the doorway

The intended installation location of the application on the wall

Combined mosquito net and blackout blind dormer window

Are you wondering if it is possible to put a mosquito net on the attic window with a blackout curtain? Yes, both are compatible! Also with insulating or double blinds, regardless of the brand. Due to the thinness of the profiles of the mosquito net, it is possible to install it in one opening. It is simply necessary to avoid placing a mosquito net at the very bottom of the opening, close to the window frame, so as not to interfere with the use of blinds placed on the opening.

Is the skylight too high to be manipulated even with the supplied cord?(optional installation) Our rods for telescopic skylights with a range of up to 2 m are compatible with Luxe mosquito blinds for skylights.

The product will be manufactured after making a payment or a 50% advance payment.

Online payment methods: Bizum, Apple Pay, Mastercard, Visa.

For payments to the bank account of VIP Ventanas SL company: SWIFT, SEPA.

It is possible to make the payment without VAT if the product is delivered outside of Spain.

Delivery is carried out by the company's own transportation or delivery service.

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