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Buy Outdoor automatic blinds 2550x2950 at Factory Prices

Persiana ZBlind90 medidas ancho x alto total 255 x 295, Motor Somfy 6 Nm, Terminal extruido lacado, Lacado de Guías. No incluye ni montaje ni transporte.


Curtains are a decorative element, a device for preserving privacy and controlling the level of lighting. According to the principle of operation and design, they are similar to blinds, but they are mounted from the outside: on the facade, in the opening of the vent facade or windows. The sun's rays are scattered outside the room, do not heat the glass. External sun protection significantly reduces the cost of air conditioning, a comfortable temperature is created in the room.

Outdoor blinds are an insulating element of your home, protecting windows from strong wind, rain or snow. All these natural phenomena, bringing with them winter and cold, effectively reflect the external blinds, which do not allow penetration into the interior. The shading technology, equipped with a wind sensor, allows you to close the blinds automatically. For blinds connected to a smart home, this can be done remotely using a mobile application. You can also set up different modes of lowering or lifting the blinds, for example, if you want to be woken up by dawn.Blinds allow you to save even in summer, because they effectively reduce the sunlight entering inside and create a comfortable temperature in the room.

You will not have to spend money on an expensive air conditioner that requires a lot of energy and negatively affects the body.
Outdoor blinds with an efficiency of more than 71% prevent the penetration of heat insideUnlike external roller shutters, blinds are flexible and versatile.

Thanks to the slope of the lamellas, it is possible to regulate the flow of light and air, which is impossible with roller shutters and roll-up screen curtains with a completely darkening fabric. They retain all other advantages, such as noise reduction or a barrier against forced entry into the house.With full or partial lifting, the lamellae form a single surface without the possibility of tilting them.

This will perfectly darken the room, keep it cool or, conversely, will not release heat outside. They are ideal for a bedroom or ground floor, where they create an effective barrier against

Types of rafters

Depending on the shape of the lamellas , there are several types of external blinds:plates with a rolled stiffener cut off the flow of light, but do not provide complete darkness;

  • Z-shaped slats darken the room completely due to tight fit, retain wind resistance on windows with a larger glazing area;
  • flat and flexible plates are used in sun protection systems for small openings.

Other advantages of rafshtor:

The devices are not only easy to operate, but also give the building a modern look. The control is carried out manually, with the help of a gate, automation. Visors, slats, guides are available in different colors, combined with any cladding, can stand out on the facade or merge with the surface.

Ten Reasons to buy outdoor blinds

  • protect from wind, hail, dust;
  • reduce the noise level;
  • reduce the temperature in summer by 5-7 degrees;
  • save electricity consumption;
  • the intake of ultraviolet light is dosed in greenhouses;
  • protect against penetration;
  • create comfortable lighting on cloudy and sunny days;
  • due to the polymer coating, anodizing retain a beautiful appearance;
  • do not affect the interior of the room or office;
  • it is possible to install in large and asymmetrical openings.

Harmony of material and colorWindows are the eyes of your home, so the appearance of blinds and curtains is important.

You can choose from several types of materials, from multi-colored lamellas to imitation wood or various fabrics. Modern roller shutters and blinds are made of aluminum, weather-resistant, ensuring safety and having a long service life. Aluminum perfectly insulates and protects from UV rays, reflecting unpleasant rays of the sun and protecting the interior.

When choosing a design, take into account the color of the facade and other elements of the house, you can choose from a palette of colors or order an individual shade. The box with guides is supplied as standard in white, brown, silver, beige and gray colors. The surface is covered with a varnish that provides high scratch resistance. It is recommended to use light shades of colors, as they reflect more heat radiation.

The product will be manufactured after making a payment or a 50% advance payment.

Online payment methods: Bizum, Apple Pay, Mastercard, Visa.

For payments to the bank account of VIP Ventanas SL company: SWIFT, SEPA.

It is possible to make the payment without VAT if the product is delivered outside of Spain.

Delivery is carried out by the company's own transportation or delivery service.

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