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Roll–up screen curtains - fabrics for outdoor use

The transmittance of heat and light depends on the type of fabric. The larger the perforation of the fabric, the more light and heat it will let through. Blackout fabrics completely darken and are most effective for protecting against heat in summer and preventing its leakage in winter. Air adjustment is carried out the other way around.

Roll-up screen curtains have the ability to reflect or completely absorb incident direct and diffused sunlight. Only a small part of it penetrates into the interior, thanks to the thin perforation. This creates a pleasant twilight that allows you to do ordinary household chores and does not affect the temperature rise. Screen curtains stop the energy-intensive solar flow in front of the window, preventing the window from heating up, the hot solar flow also does not penetrate through the open window.

Especially in winter, we want the heat not to go out through the windows. The external screen curtains and the air gap between them and the glazing prevent this leakage. Screen curtains with low surface emissivity can reduce thermal radiation from their surface by about 15%. They also absorb the heat flow from the warmer glazing only at the level of 15%, the rest is reflected back into the window. As a result, screen curtains give the window with insulating double glazing the properties of triple glazing.

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