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Buy Outdoor roller blinds Screen, m2 at Factory Prices

Outdoor Roller Blinds Screen is used in window openings on terraces, verandas, pergolas. The fabric helps to protect from the sun and create privacy. The special fabric does not collect dust and does not fade in the sun. 

The use of roller blinds for gazebos, verandas or terraces helps to protect these resting places from dust, wind and precipitation. Moreover, if the unglazed openings are large, then such curtains will also protect from drafts and humidity. A properly equipped gazebo, in which outdoor roller blinds are installed, will be a great place to spend a pleasant time with friends, classes and games with children.


  • Sealed box
  • Electric motor with remote control
  • Solar-wind automation
  • Other fabric category
  • Stainless steel cable 4mm

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For payments to the bank account of VIP Ventanas SL company: SWIFT, SEPA.

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