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Sliding gates PergolasVIP

A modern solution for organizing travel to the territory, which allows you to save the useful area of the plot.

Popular factory filling options:

  • Combined filling

The wide color gamut of roller rolling profiles provides a variety of options for combining the gate with the facade of the building. Depending on the color, the entrance gate can merge with the facade or serve as a bright element that emphasizes the individual style of the house.

  • Roller profile

Filling of sandwich panels with drawings microwave, panel, S, L, M-corrugation with a thickness of 45 mm and a two‑layer polymer coating with the possibility of painting in any color according to the RAL card.

  • Sandwich panel

Filling from extruded aluminum profiles of 37 or 82 mm can be made in horizontal or vertical design with sparse or solid mounting types.

  • Aluminum Profile

The unique look of the gate is given by the combined filling, which allows you to combine sandwich panels, aluminum and roller profiles in various variations.

Suitable for wide openings

Using two counter sliding doors, it is possible to block an opening up to 9 m wide.

Save space

When opened, the flap of the sliding gate moves along the fence and does not take up space before entering the site.

A stylish addition to your site

PegolasVIP offers sliding gates with various filling options. Product width from 2000 to 5000 mm, height from 1210 to 3210 mm.

Sandwich panels with vertical and horizontal filling are available to choose from, which can be painted in any color according to the RAL card. At the same time, each panel is equipped with a polymer EPDM seal that retains strength and elasticity at low temperatures. It eliminates the risk of gaps in the places of their connection.

Use it comfortably

PegolasVIP sliding gates are as convenient and easy to use as possible, which is confirmed by numerous positive reviews from our customers.

Silent operation

No unpleasant sounds — the Prestige sliding gates work softly and silently. This is ensured thanks to the aluminum frame, which facilitates the construction, as well as support rollers made of glass-filled polyamide. The latter also prevent the wedging of structures.

Simple repair

If some element of the gate is accidentally damaged, it will not be difficult to repair or replace it: this can be done right on the site without having to disassemble the entire structure. At the same time, the replaced part, as well as the entire structure of the gate, does not need to be painted.

Options for convenience

In the case when a gate is required for more comfortable operation of the gate, but it is not possible to install it separately, you can order designs with a gate already built into the gate leaf.

Don't waste time on maintenance

Due to the use of aluminum, as well as a number of special design solutions, trouble-free operation and aesthetic appearance of the Prestige gate are ensured throughout the entire service life.

Corrosion protection

The use of corrosion-resistant metal, as well as a system of beads with rubber seals, protects gates and structural connection elements from moisture ingress and, as a result, from rusty stains.

Protection against scratches and scuffs

Special polymer linings and rollers prevent damage to the cover of the flaps when they are closed and in contact with the gate frame.

Don't worry about security

Choosing Prestige sliding gates for the site, you can not worry about your own safety, as well as the safety of loved ones. The structures will not cause harm to health during operation and will provide additional security at home.

Manage the gate without exerting effort

Automation will allow you to control the Prestige sliding gates with one movement of your hand, simply by pressing the buttons on the remote control. Open and close the entrance gates without leaving the car salon!

Due to the light weight of the aluminum structure, the load on the load-bearing pillars is reduced, the physical wear of the moving parts of the gate is reduced, which prolongs the service life of the products.

Combining the guide rail with the frame into a single element increases the rigidity of the structure, eliminates the risk of its misalignment.

Keep the unity of style

To create a harmonious exterior, order a gate and sections of fencing (fence) in the same style with the gate.

Choose a uniform design style for the sliding gate, fence and gate. And in order for the entrance group to be combined with your house, order garage doors of identical design.
Free-standing gate
Entrance to the site located at any distance from the gate.
Built-in gate
Convenient entrance to the site and saving the working resource of the gate.
Protection of your site from outsiders.
Garage doors
Protection of the garage from drafts and cold.

Pergola type: With double-ended lamellas
Mounting type Between two roofs
Glazing No
Led Backlight Yes
ZIP Screen No
Pergola control Motorized
Type: Bioclimatic pergola

The product will be manufactured after making a payment or a 50% advance payment.

Online payment methods: Bizum, Apple Pay, Mastercard, Visa.

For payments to the bank account of VIP Ventanas SL company: SWIFT, SEPA.

It is possible to make the payment without VAT if the product is delivered outside of Spain.

Delivery is carried out by the company's own transportation or delivery service.

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