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ZIP systems are a high-tech kind of roller blinds

ZIP designs are vertical protective screens in which the canvas of the awning is fixed by a reliable zipper in strong guides. The powerful and reliable design is used to protect against wind, bad weather and annoying insects. The structure is installed in various types of openings, windows, open gazebos. The screen fabric is locked as tightly as possible in the vertical guides, which eliminates the appearance of gaps and air flows do not penetrate into the room. ZIP-screen awnings are made of transparent PVC and SCREEN-type fabrics that do not collapse when exposed to extreme climatic conditions. Thanks to this, ZIP designs have been demonstrating their excellent characteristics for many years.

Motorized ZIP awnings allow you to install a wind sensor that automatically folds the curtain in a stormy wind.

This design provides for several control methods at once:

  • manual
  • automatic
  • control from a smartphone

The ZIP system is suitable for protecting gazebos, verandas and outdoor terraces from the sun and wind. And also allow you to visually divide the space and hide guests from prying eyes.

ZIP screens are devices for protecting vertical techniques from the effects of various weather factors: wind, oblique rain, sunlight. Depending on the type of protective screen material, they can be:

  • Fully transparent - Cristal;Translucent (in a wide range of toning intensity) - Screen Sunworker;
  • Light-tight - Blockout.
  • The design of the ZIP system of roller blinds is a cassette in which are located: the shaft on which the curtain is wound and the motor.

The structure also includes guides that are attached to the vertical load-bearing structures of the structure. The cassette itself is attached to the upper horizontal lintel of the opening. As a rule, the width of the ZIP system does not exceed 4 m.

There is an important technical limitation to the use of Zip systems for terraces, outdoor verandas and other structures exposed to wind loads. It is not recommended to open the screen when the wind force is more than 15 m/s. Since mechanical impact can deform the screen, damage the zipper or tear off the weighting bar.

Advantages of using Zip systems:

  • Dissipates excessively intense solar radiation;
  • Prevents the penetration of dust, pollen and insects into the interior;
  • Protects against getting wet and gusts of wind, while not blocking the access of fresh air.

With the help of a self-tightening automatic awning, you can turn an open veranda or terrace into an enclosed space in a matter of minutes. The motorized awning will be useful both for home use and for commercial use. With this help, it will be possible to significantly increase the evening reception time of clients, especially in regions with unstable weather conditions and the presence of a large number of blood-sucking insects.

Automatic ZIP system awnings are easy to maintain and no special cleaning tools are required. Fabric materials have a special moisture-repellent impregnation, and polymer surfaces have a dirt-repellent effect. Soapy water or ordinary household chemicals are enough to clean them.

To order automatic To get additional information about the possibilities of its application, features of use or operational characteristics, contact our managers at the phone number listed on the website.

Maximum dimensions:

Maximum (width and height): 6000x6000 mm
Minimum width: 800 mm

ZIP Screen Yes
Type: Zip system

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